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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Vamp

Gabriella, a beautiful vampire, never expected to fall in love, especially with a mortal woman. Will her thirst for blood destroy everything she's ever wanted?


Gabriella almost lost control of the car as irrepressible urges of desire and need surged through her veins, setting her on fire. She quickly pulled to the side of the road where she and the woman hurriedly shed their clothing and jumped in the backseat. When the woman's soft pink tongue touched Gabriella's throbbing clit, it dawned on her that making passionate love with this woman gave her a sense of satisfaction she was never able to achieve with any of the multitude of men she'd been with. She wrapped her arms and legs tighter around the woman, never wanting to let her go. As they lay together later, Gabriella caressed the woman's soft sweet flesh as she rested her head against Gabriella's large breasts.

"Lie back," Gabriella shifted her body and gazed down at the woman. She nuzzled her neck and kissed the large throbbing vein. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Interview

Best selling author Shayla Bolton is torn between protecting a secret from her past and her love for reporter Rae Wilcox whom she believes may expose her secret.


Shayla finally spoke. "I'm going to give you the best interview you've ever had!"

Rae's eyes widened. "After I've made a fool of myself?"

"You didn't make a fool of yourself. It took a lot of courage for you to tell me the things that you did." A faint smile crossed her lips. "I like you, Rae." She touched her arm. "I liked you from the moment I first laid eyes on you."

Rae looked into those stunning penetrating eyes almost became lost in them. "Is that why you gave me the interview?"

"No. You have great potential as a reporter. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here." She ran her fingertips up Rae's bare arm. "No matter your profession, I would have still wanted to fuck you," she seductively replied.

Her jaw dropped and for a brief second she wondered if she heard her correctly. She didn't know how to respond, but a response didn't seem to matter to Shayla. Before she knew what was happening, Shayla tenderly placed a hand under Rae's chin and turned her head until she was staring into her eyes. Shayla's face closed the distance and brought her soft full lips to Rae's. 

A shudder tore through her and her arms instinctively went around Shayla. At that moment, she didn't care that she barely knew this remarkable woman or that she would probably only end up being another notch on her belt; all that mattered was that Shayla Bolton was kissing her. She eagerly responded. When Shayla ended the kiss, Rae looked at her with what she knew must have been a stunned expression.

"Is something wrong?" Shayla asked in a husky voice.

"I'm just surprised," Rae whispered. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Other Side

Ally Brent is a very ambitious woman who overcomes many obstacles to become the first woman governor of her state in the 1970's. Her only regret is having to keep the woman she's loved for over twenty-five years a secret.


Clare impatiently tapped her pen against the phone. After a few minutes, she heard Michael's groggy voice on the other end.

"Do you know what the hell time it is?"

"Michael, it's Clare."

"What the hell do you want? If you're looking for a little pleasure then I'm afraid Ally's not here."

"Dammit, Michael. I saw the newspaper. Where is she?" she demanded. "I haven't heard from her in weeks."

"She's ill."

"What do you mean she's ill? Where is she? Give me an address." She couldn't control the alarm in her voice. Her hand trembled.

"I think it's best that you and Ally cool your passion for awhile." 

"You son-of-a-bitch! I'll find her, Michael. Believe me, I'll find her." She was ready to hang up the phone when Michael's voice came back over the line.

"I'll tell you where she is on one condition."

"What's the condition?"

"You can't let anyone know where she is."

"Why would I do that? You know I've always protected her."

"That's not all you've done."

"Your jealousy is unbecoming, Michael," she countered.

"A lot of changes are going to be made in the near future."

"Just tell me where she is." 

"Okay, you can find her at Green Valley Estates."

"You bastard, what did you do to her?"

"Whatever happened she did to herself," he answered.

Clare slammed the phone down.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Silent Cry

A young woman fights to prove her innocence after being falsely charged with murder while trying to win the heart of the woman she loves.


J.C.'s fingers melted into her flesh, bringing back floods of memories of those fingers and hands roaming over every inch of her bare flesh. "We can't, J.C. That's over for us," she weakly replied.

J.C. brushed her lips over Samantha's soft cheek, and then moved to her full lips.
Samantha's body trembled, and a soft moan escaped her lips. "Just one more time."

Samantha pushed her away. "No, J.C.," she said breathlessly. "We can't."

"Why? You want it as much as I do, baby," she whispered as she continued to move her hands over Samantha's body. "I want you. Tell me that you want me just as much. I need to feel you next to me again...just this one night. Then it'll be over if that's what you really want. I promise." She lightly ran her fingertips over Samantha's breasts. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


While artist Zinna Nolan ambitiously pursues her artistic dreams in New Orleans, she wonders if it is worth the sacrifice if she has to give up the love of her life.


A warm sensation crept through Zinna's chest, then down to her genitals. She'd had this heated sensation before, and when the feelings became too intense, and she thought she would lose her mind, she would gently move her hand to her vagina and relieve her yearning. She should pull her hand away from Megan's, but she couldn't. A powerful urge much stronger than her usual sensibility overtook her mind. Her emotions were raw and on edge. She needed to know. Why had Megan tormented her with all these questions? What did Megan really want from her? What did she really want from Megan? She was terrified of what lay ahead tonight, but she had to take the risk. She leaned in closer. She felt Megan's sweet breath near her mouth. A tremor went through Megan's hand, or was it her own, or both? It felt like an electric current was surging through her veins. In a moment, she would totally suffocate.

"What do you want from me?" she weakly whispered.

Megan's voice was barely audible as she whispered back, "Nothing you haven't all ready figured out." 

Megan's mouth moved closer to her own. A soft moan escaped from her throat.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Rachel Summers can't stand living a lie, which is what she and her partner Kerri Tabor are subjected to in their small town. Rachel yearns for the freedom of a big city where they can live and love the way they choose.


Rachel looked at her barely able to stand the pain in her lover's eyes. "I love you with all my heart, Kerri. I want a future with you, but just not here." 

"I can't figure you out at all some times, but I can tell you one thing...the way you're talking doesn't make me feel very secure."

"I do love you so much, Kerri. Please don't ever doubt that." She grabbed Kerri's hands.

Kerri gazed into Rachel's eyes then leaned in closer softly moving her lips as she gently caressed Rachel's neck with tender kisses. "Do you?" she hoarsely whispered. "Show me." She rubbed Rachel's back, and then unhurriedly undid her bra. Her hands found the familiar breasts and she softly cupped them, massaging first one and then the other. A moan escaped from Rachel 's lips. "We have so much passion together," she murmured slipping a hand inside Rachel's jeans and teasing her with her fingertips until Rachel hurriedly undid her jeans sliding them down her slender legs.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Best Friends

Callie Stone is a troubled teenager trying to come to terms with her feelings toward the same sex. Living in small town USA in the sixties, only adds to her confusion.


Katie grew quiet. Callie needed to know what she was thinking and how she was processing this new revelation about her. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Callie nervously looked at her. Katie was staring at her with a strange, haunted look in her eyes. Everything moved in slow motion and they were suspended in time. Katie moved closer and closer to her, their eyes locked together. Before she could grasp what was happening, Katie's soft and gentle lips were on hers. A warm awareness ignited her body and she swallowed hard as the blood rushed to her head.

Katie removed her lips and backed away. "Was it like that?" she whispered, her eyes searching Callie's.

Callie couldn't answer. Her voice was trapped in her throat. The kiss was too much to wish for and so unexpected that for a brief moment she thought that maybe she'd imagined it. If Katie only knew how long she'd wanted to be with her--to hold her, to kiss her lips. She looked into Katie's eyes, now seeing the unmasked fear of what she'd just exposed about herself.

Katie ran a shaky hand through her hair. "I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have done that." She moved away. "Please don't think. . . maybe I should go home."

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Love Unleashed

Will unfounded fears about her partner's loyalty destroy her relationship?

Wrong Number
Drawn to the stranger's sultry voice at the end of the line, a beautiful woman unleashes her fantasies.

When a grown daughter learns of her widowed father's upcoming marriage to a divorcee with a grown daughter of her own, she soon realizes that she has more in common with her new 'sister' than either realized.

Birthday Surprise
A woman is determined to give her husband his ultimate fantasy for his birthday.

Excerpt From Birthday Surprise

Tess arched an eyebrow. "Well, if I was in a committed relationship, I sure as hell would be livid if my partner was with someone else and I wouldn't dream of asking someone I love to make love to another person for my viewing pleasure. Still, cheating is cheating whether it's a heterosexual or homosexual relationship." 

"If Joey doesn't honestly believe it's cheating and he's okay with it, then as far as I'm concerned, it's okay. I think whatever the two people in a relationship agree to, makes it all right."

"How is it okay for you? You're only doing it to please him. What are you getting out of it? Have you considered how you'll feel afterward?"

She lowered her eyes. "No, I didn't think that far ahead."

"Can you feel comfortable enough to not only make love to a woman, but to do it in front of your husband?"

"No, that's why I thought you could give me some pointers," she admitted.

Tess laughed. "Pointers?"

Sara's face flamed. She felt like she was on fire. She looked timidly at Tess. She couldn't tell whether she was angry or hurt. She wished she wouldn't have confided in her, but it was hard not to. She'd shared all of her secrets with Tess since they were five years old.

"Just because I happen to be a lesbian doesn't mean I can teach you how to make love to another woman. It's natural for me just like making love to a man is for you. I only make love with women I'm attracted to and who are attracted to me. Maybe some people can just jump in the sack with anyone, but I'm not that way. You're asking me to give you pointers on making love with a total stranger of the same sex just to please your husband. Have you ever thought of making love to a woman before? Could you make love with just any man you saw? What would Joey say about that?"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love Unleashed

A near tragedy forces a woman to realize what's really important.

A woman fears that her much younger partner will leave her for a younger woman.

A Touch
After a vicious disfiguring attack, will a young woman dare to come out of the shadows?

The Warden
Who will be the warden's next 'chosen one'?

Excerpt From A Touch

Her penetrating eyes unnerved Ana. She wanted to break the gaze, but felt mesmerized by those big blue eyes. Her thoughts took her to places she had no right to roam as she again imagined her lips on Kelsey's full ones. She ached to run her fingers through Kelsey's hair to touch her soft skin and to feel that smooth flesh against her own. "What makes you presume I'm lonely?" Her face reddened. "There's a difference between being lonely and wanting to be alone," she said firmly. 

"Yes, there is, but I think that you and I fit in the category of being lonely." She continued to peer at her. "I know that I don't like being lonely and I doubt that you do either." She tapped her fingertips on her leg. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. You are lonely, aren't you, Ana?"

Ana looked at the long slender fingers on Kelsey's small delicate hand. She yearned to hold her hand to feel the softness of it against her cheek. She couldn't let Kelsey know her true feelings, how she dreaded leaving her bed each morning, how sometimes she wished never to awaken to another long day. The weekdays weren't so bad, but the weekends were almost unbearable. Could she tell her how often she cried herself to sleep? No, she couldn't tell her any of those things. "Do you always make assumptions of someone you barely know?" she asked hoarsely. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Second Time Around

Kassie McAlister has it all. She's a bestselling romance author and can have any woman she wants. Kassie has never been one for commitment and enjoys her life just the way it is. The only barrier to total bliss is book reviewer, Shondra Williams, who seems to have a personal vendetta against her.

When Kassie decides to spend a couple of weeks in Florida, the last person she ever expects to run into is Shondra. Kassie fantasizes that the perfect revenge is to seduce the woman, then leave her out in the cold. When Shondra shows her a softer vulnerable side, she wonders if she can go through with it, especially after Shondra shares a secret with her that forces Kassie to look deep within herself.


Shondra wished Kassie wouldn't stare so intently at her. She wanted to despise her, but she couldn't. After all, Kassie had done nothing to her that she hadn't asked her to do.

Maybe her anger was misdirected. She should place her anger where it belonged...at her own feet. She had to come to terms with the truth. Kassie had captured her heart in the blink of an eye and it scared the hell out of her. She'd always been strong and in control of her emotions, but Kassie made her feel like a bumbling lovesick teenager. Her heart was breaking because she couldn't have the one woman who made her feel alive. Why would Kassie want her anyway? Kassie could have her pick of women. She had a charm that didn't even take any effort on her part to make a woman succumb to her. Shondra wondered if Kassie was even aware of that fact. She swallowed hard. She had to come clean and tell her everything.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Release - Heart's Desire!

I'm thrilled to announce my latest release Heart's Desire published by Extasy Books.

A romantic weekend getaway to a secluded cabin in the woods has unexpected results when everything that can go wrong does.  



Emma gave Vanessa’s arm another squeeze. "Good, because this is definitely total isolation. No one will disturb us." She shivered. "Let’s get inside now and light a fire." She unlocked the door and pushed it open. "Wait a second. Let me find the light switch." She felt around the wall and when her hand encountered it, she flicked it on. It was a low watt bulb, but cast a soft glow over the room. She frowned. It was a clean cabin, but very crude with sparse furnishings. She steeled herself for Vanessa’s reaction as she held the door wide for Vanessa to pass through. No matter what Vanessa said to assure her that she was excited to be staying in a cabin for the weekend, the true test would be Vanessa’s reaction when she actually saw where she’d be living for a couple of days. "Here we are."

"It’s one big room. How cute!" Vanessa exclaimed as her eyes scanned the interior. She walked to a door on the side of the room and pulled it open.

The glow from the bare light bulb hanging in the center of the main room gave enough light for Emma to see that the bathroom light had another bare light bulb with a string attached, but no wall switch to activate it. She walked to the bathroom and watched as Vanessa pulled the string. In the dim glow of the bulb, Emma saw a tiny stall for showering, a small sink, and a toilet. A plain mirror hung above the sink with a crude wooden shelf under it to hold toiletries.

"This is better than some of the cabins I’ve been in. At least this one has electricity and running water," Emma said in an upbeat tone. She was certain that the bathroom would definitely be a turnoff for Vanessa.

"It’s fine, honey," Vanessa said. "I really like it." She lifted a suggestive eyebrow as she turned to Emma. "Just think, we can lie in bed and watch the fire. It’s going to be so romantic."

Emma was surprised at Vanessa’s upbeat reaction. She pulled at her chin. "Still, I was hoping for something just a little nicer with a few more amenities since this is your first time camping." She looked at the makeshift furnishings. Everything looked handmade. "Mr. Parker said he used to bring his sons here for hunting trips when they were younger, but since they’ve grown and moved away, he rarely comes up here."

Vanessa threw her arms around Emma’s neck. "I love it, honey. Please quit apologizing. You promised."

"Are you sure? You’re not just saying that for my sake?" Emma asked anxiously. "Because I would understand if you want to go back home."

Vanessa shook her head back and forth. Her eyes darkened. "I want to stay, Em. I’m excited about this adventure. However, if you don’t stop apologizing and being so negative, I won’t enjoy myself. If you’re going to act this way all weekend, then no, I won’t want to stay. I’m trying to show you that I want to be a part of all those things you used to love to do, but haven’t been able to do in a long time. I might not enjoy everything you like, but I do like being out here. I’ve never felt so peaceful," Vanessa replied. "I want to share this with you."

"I’m sorry. I just—"

"Want everything to be perfect for me because that’s what you think I expect," Vanessa finished for her. "Well, it’s not. I’ve never been able just to let go and not be under a microscope. This is the first time in my life no one is around to judge me. Please, let me enjoy this, honey." Her eyes softened. "Now, let’s get the car unloaded." She tilted her head in the direction of the large bed. "Then I know how I’d like to begin our weekend," she added with a wicked grin.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Breaking Free

Izzy Calhoun Simon, a successful writer for a highly acclaimed TV series embarks on a much needed vacation from her hectic lifestyle when the TV series ends its run. It's Christmas time in Beacher and the town reminds Izzy of an old fashioned postcard. She soon realizes the contrasts between city living and small town living. When she meets Katelyn Anderson, she is instantly drawn to her, but Katelyn keeps giving her mixed signals.


A bell on the door tinkled merrily as she opened the door. Her eyes swept around the crowded room until she spotted an empty booth in the back. She reached it at the same time an attractive blonde did.

"I'm sorry," Izzy apologized. "I didn't see you." She backed away from the booth, scanning the area for another available seat. All seats were full so she resigned herself to the fact that she'd have to come back another day. The coffee would have to wait.

The woman gently touched Izzy's arm. "Please take the booth. You were here first." She smiled brightly.

Izzy returned the smile with one of her own. "Thank you, but I think we both got here at the same time. We could toss a coin," she teased good-naturedly. She wondered if the attractive blonde was waiting for someone.

The woman laughed softly as she looked into Izzy's eyes. "Or we could share it if you're not expecting anyone. I just stopped in for a quick cup of coffee."

"So did I," Izzy replied. "I'm not expecting anyone and I'd enjoy the company," she added quickly. 

The blonde shrugged out of her pink parka as she slid into the bright red vinyl-covered booth. She rubbed her hands vigorously together. "It's freezing out there. And wouldn't you know it, I walked out the door without my gloves this morning." She glanced toward the window. "I hope we don't get too much more snow." 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Behind Closed Doors

After witnessing two brutal murders, a woman is given a new identity and whisked away to a depressing remote location. When the male agent she'd known for the past two years is suddenly replaced by a beautiful female agent it doesn't take long for her to realize everything else that's been missing from her life. She's determined to force the agent to see that protection is not all she needs. Will her physical needs jeopardize her safety?


Summer was an attractive woman and it had been a long time since Kera had been totally alone with the same sex, not to mention, far too long since she'd been intimate. Her mind drifted to the romantic nights Steffi and she used to share and the passion they'd felt when their love was unleashed. Her lips trembled. She'd never have that again. Steffi was gone.
Still, she couldn't stop the long dormant feelings Summer was causing to re-emerge from the depths of her soul. She thought those feelings and emotions would remain buried forever, but slowly, throughout the night, the presence of Summer was causing them to poke through her being and cause her heart to do flip-flops and the blood to pound in her veins with a need Summer would be unable to fulfill. Summer had earlier asked her what she could do for her, but this was one problem the agent couldn't fulfill. Still Kera could hope. She audibly let her breath out in a rush.

"Are you all right, Kera?" Summer's soft voice sounded in the quietness. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Prize

Entering a contest to win a date gets Micki more than she bargained for when The Prize has a goal of her own.


"Wow! Starlyn looks hot tonight!" Micki's best friend, Liz said.

She looked at Liz and smiled. "She always does." Starlyn was wearing a short black dress with a plunging neckline that showed plenty of cleavage. She wished that she was the one on the stage next to her instead of Taylor. If Starlyn would only give her a chance.

Micki and her three closest friends rarely missed their weekly Saturday night out together, but when obligations kept the others away, Micki could still be found at TM's every Saturday night and often several times during the week.

"May I have everyone's attention?" Starlyn asked.

Micki's eyes turned backed to Starlyn.

"We're going to have a contest with all proceeds going to the building fund for the new shelter being constructed for the homeless gay and lesbian youth."

"How generous of Marti and Tina," Liz murmured.

Micki nodded, not wanting to miss anything Starlyn was about to say.

"The winner receives--" Starlyn turned to Taylor who in turn signaled to the drummer. After the drummer was finished with her rift, Starlyn continued. "The winner wins a date with me!" 

Loud whoops went up from the crowd.

"You going to enter?" Liz asked as she peered at Micki with a wide grin. "You've been lusting after her for the past two years. Now's your chance to finally get her alone."

Micki shrugged. "It depends on what I have to do and the rules. You know that I'm not much for competitive activities."

"I'd be concentrating more on the prize."

"I always am." Micki said with a sly grin.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Necklace

When unexplainable events occur while wearing a necklace that once belonged to her late grandmother, a woman wonders if the necklace holds the key to her destiny.


Lara observed Skye during dinner. Something was bothering her and Lara wouldn't rest until she pried it out of her. Maybe she was upset with Lara's impending move. She'd miss having her around, but she loved Ian and was looking forward to moving in with him. She and Skye both had known that the day would come when one of them would find her knight in shining armor and move out of the apartment they'd shared since graduating high school six years ago. They'd both attended community college while working part time. She hoped in time that Ian and Skye would get along since they were the two people she loved most in this world.

She put her hand around the necklace. A warm sensation crept through her chest. It might have alarmed her if it had been an unpleasant feeling, but it wasn't. The sensation was soothing. She looked at Skye's face, seeing her in a way she never had before. Her face was soft, beautiful, with dark brown almond shaped eyes and wavy chestnut brown hair, which hung delicately around her face. She was petite, slender and very feminine. Lara couldn't understand Skye's problems with the opposite sex, but then Skye had never seemed to believe that she needed a man to make her feel complete. Lara envied her that. Not that she thought she needed a man to complete her, but admittedly knew that she needed someone to lean on. She never had been as independent as Skye.

"Why don't we go to Flanagan's after the movie? Make a night of it."

"I'd like that," Skye replied as her eyes locked with the emerald.

Lara glanced around the room, then turned her attention back to Skye. "I've been getting a lot of strange looks all evening."

"It's the necklace...it's so beautiful! I've never seen anything like it before."

"Me either." She touched it again, but this time felt a jolt as she looked at Skye. The warm sensation that had only been in her chest, now crept from her fingertips and spread throughout her whole body. Her cheeks grew warm.

"What's wrong, Lara? Are you ill?"

"No...let's go."

Skye's eyes narrowed as she gazed at the radiant emerald. "What are you feeling?"

Beads of perspiration popped out on Lara's forehead. "It's a beautiful warm sensation. It's beyond description." She gazed at Skye's stunning face and then flushed and turned away. "Let's just go home...unless you want to go to a movie and Flanagan's."

Skye shook her head. "Going out was your idea, remember?"

Lara numbly nodded as she wondered how to keep the feelings surging through her under control. "I'll make it up to you." 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Out Of Control

Alex is in a loveless relationship with Chelsea, but feels responsible for her. Then she meets Molly, a woman who immediately captures her heart. As things heat up between them, Alex sets out to remove Chelsea from her home before Molly finds out that they're still living together.


"I'm not sorry, Alex," Molly quietly replied, her gaze boring into Alex's. Her lips came closer and lingered briefly before hungrily seeking Alex's.

When she forced her tongue inside Alex's mouth, Alex knew she should stop her before the situation got out of control, but as her tongue joined Molly's, she realized that it was too late. All of her pent up emotions poured out and she found herself wanting Molly as much as Molly wanted her. Her arms went around Molly and she held her tightly, never wanting to let her go.

Molly's hands massaged her back and slowly slipped under her shirt. Alex trembled at her touch as a warm heat, starting at her toes, spread throughout her body. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She carefully unbuttoned Molly's blouse. Her hands eagerly sought Molly's firm breasts, fondling them as Molly broke the kiss and planted soft kisses on her neck. Molly had aroused her to the point of no return.

"Let's go to your bed," she hoarsely whispered.

Molly took her hand and silently led her down the hallway, into her darkened bedroom and to the king-sized bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and took both of Alex's hands in hers. The moonlight shining through the window cast a soft glow on her face. Alex knelt before her, kissed her hands and then disengaged her own. She drew Molly close as her mouth traveled over Molly's lilac scented flesh. She lingered at the waistband of Molly's jeans and slowly unbuttoned them. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


My short story Seduced is included in the Sapphic Planet anthology.

Kate finds solace from her crumbling relationship in a secluded bar where no one knows her. Night after night at exactly the same time, a beautiful brunette appears and puts on a seductive display for Kate's eyes only. The woman never says a word, but Kate knows what she wants. Now that Kate is finally free, will the beautiful seductress finally give her what she's been promising?


Kate relaxed in the booth while the brunette teased her with her body. Her eyes once again moved to the woman's thighs. The woman's legs were slightly parted and she ran her fingertips across her inner thighs. Kate swallowed hard as she watched her toss her long dark hair over one shoulder. She shifted in her chair and saw the woman's skirt rise even higher. Her breath caught in her throat as she visualized her mouth caressing the beauty's soft mound before forcing her tongue inside of her. A sharp pang between her legs caused Kate to squirm. The woman looked at her and Kate saw the lust in her eyes as she moved her fingertips from her inner thighs and spread herself apart.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Partners: Beyond The Shadows

Private Investigator Frankie Barker's life is put in jeopardy when an ex-convict vows revenge on those he feels responsible for putting him in prison over thirty-five years ago. The problem is, she was a child at the time, as were all the names on his list. As he eliminates each name on the list, the pressure is on to catch him before Frankie becomes his next victim.


Minutes later, as they lay side by side, Frankie knew that if her life ended at this moment, she would die a happy woman.

"What are you thinking, baby?" Johanna asked softly. Her fingertips wound through Frankie's chestnut hair.

"Just how much I love you. Have I told you that lately?" 

"At least ten times a day." Johanna propped herself on an elbow and stared down at her. "And I love you. I never knew what love was until you, Frankie."

Frankie smiled, but before she could reply, her cell phone rang. She groaned. "Who would be calling this early?" She sighed as she reached for the phone sitting on the nightstand table. She looked at the name displayed. "It's George." Her heart began to pound. Sheriff George Ryker wouldn't be calling unless something was wrong.
She flipped the phone open and put it on speaker. "Good morning, George."

"I'm sorry to bother you so early, Frankie, but I'd like you and Johanna to stop in my office before you go to work."

"No problem," Frankie replied. "Do you have some summonses you need delivered?"

"Yes, but there's something else I need to talk to you about." He paused. "I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

Frankie frowned. "What's wrong, George? Has something happened?"

"I'll explain when you get here."

He disconnected before she could ask another question.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Partners: Blinded By The Trees

Private Investigators Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien are looking forward to a relaxing Christmas holiday with Frankie's mother, Selma. When they stumble upon a body behind some trees while picking out their perfect Christmas tree, their relaxing holiday is put on hold.

When Sheriff George Ryker asks for their help on an unrelated case, they soon realize that the two cases are connected. They uncover some disturbing details about the victim's life but can't understand why anyone would want him dead, and especially what he could have done to cause someone to attack him so viciously.


Johanna smiled. "But those are memories you'll always have and treasure."

She nodded. "And traditions I'll always keep alive."

"I'm glad," Johanna said. She looked toward the stove. "I see you've got your pot of famous chili cooking." She sniffed appreciatively.

Frankie wiped her hands on her apron. "And my homemade cornbread is ready for the oven tomorrow. All I need to do now is wait for Mom to get here." She walked over to the counter where the coffee maker sat. She poured two cups of coffee and carried them to the breakfast nook where they ate most of their meals. Johanna joined her and they gazed out of the window at the fat snowflakes beginning to fall.

"It's snowing. I didn't hear anything about snow on the weather forecast. I hope your mom doesn't have any trouble with the weather."

"Nah, she'll be okay. She's used to driving in the snow. We're not due for any major accumulations as far as I know. I worry more about the rain turning to ice."

"I forgot you grew up in worse weather than we ever get here." She stirred some cream and sugar into her coffee. "I can't wait to see what our artificial tree is going to look like."

Frankie's eyes sparkled. "We'll fix it up and no one will ever know that it's not real. I'm going to make some homemade eggnog, or Mom will, and we'll play Christmas songs. It'll be so much fun!"

Johanna reached across the table, grabbed her hand, and squeezed it. "I love the way your face lights up this time of year. You're like a little kid waiting for Santa."

"I suppose I still believe in Christmas miracles just like when I was a kid." She pulled a small notebook with attached pen from her apron pocket.

Johanna lifted an eyebrow. "What's that?" 

"This is my list of everything we need to get finished before Christmas. I think we've got most of it done. We just need to drag out the tree decorations."

"I can't believe it's almost Christmas. It seems like yesterday it was Thanksgiving."

"Me either. This month has flown by."

The gate intercom buzzed startling them. They looked quizzically at each other. "I don't know who that could be," Johanna said, rushing to the security panel, which was unobtrusively located on the wall outside of the breakfast nook. She pushed the intercom button.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

2 In 1: Partners

Twelve years ago Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien became partners, then lovers, on the Philadelphia Police Force. After two years, the women were tired of city living. They quit the force and moved to Charlestown, Pennsylvania, where they built a log home and hung out their shingle as private investigators.

In Partners: The Wrong Corpse, Frankie and Johanna take a case they feel will be a cinch to solve, before embarking on a much--needed vacation. But the case turns out to be much more than they bargained for!

Graham McHenry hires Frankie and Johanna to follow his beautiful, much younger wife Cassandra, whom he believes is having an affair. They find the information their client is seeking, but the next morning they learn the woman has been murdered. The time of death places Cassandra at a motel, at the same time they had been following her to her mansion. Now McHenry wants to know who killed his wife, and Frankie and Johanna are determined to find out who they were following!

In Partners: The Other Woman, Private Investigators Johanna Obrien and Frankie Barker are planning a vacation with Johanna's visiting mother, Gracelyn, when a former lover of Johanna's shows up demanding that Johanna take her case. Gretchen Wyler is heavily involved in an investment scam which implicates Johanna and could destroy her life. The partners hatch a plan to trap Gretchen but Frankie’s jealousy mounts when Gretchen puts the moves on Johanna. Meanwhile, Johanna must come to terms with the demons from her past and a secret she has kept from Frankie for all these years. A secret that could ruin their relationship forever. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Partners: The Other Woman

In book 2 of the Partners series, The Other Woman has Private Investigators Johanna Obrien and Frankie Barker planning a vacation with Johanna's visiting mother, Gracelyn, when a former lover of Johanna's, Gretchen Wyler, shows up demanding that Johanna take her case. They soon learn that Gretchen is heavily involved in an investment scam which implicates Johanna. Johanna must come to terms with the demons from her past and the secret she has kept from Frankie for all these years. The women hatch a plan to trap Gretchen and in the process dig up some disturbing facts which could destroy Johanna's life.


Frankie shivered as she hurried into the office carrying a cardboard tray containing two cups of coffee. She walked over to Johanna's desk, which faced her own, took one of the cups from the tray and set it on the desk. "It's getting nasty out there. It feels cold enough to snow. What time's your mother's plane getting in?"

Johanna smiled. "Thanks for the coffee, babe. Her flight gets in at two if it's on time. I figure I'll take off at twelve thirty just in case we do get bad weather, and barring any traffic snafus. I checked with the Philadelphia airport and so far there are no flight delays so I'm keeping my fingers crossed."

Frankie patted Johanna's shoulder then moved to her own desk, set down the tray holding her cup of coffee, then strode to the storage room at the back of the office. She removed her coat and hung it on the coat tree. "Just be careful driving. I wouldn't be surprised if we get snow before the day's over," she said as she walked back into the room across the dark beige carpeting and over to her desk.

Johanna nodded. "I'm always careful. That advice goes for you, too."

"I'm not as worried about the snow as I am about black ice." She sat down. "I'll hold down the fort while you're picking up your mother." She sighed happily. "I'm thankful we don't have anything urgent going on right now so it should be an easy afternoon. After our last case I'm ready for a little break." She leaned back in her large comfortable chair.

"I'll pick up the summonses from George and serve them this afternoon before I come home. I don't think it should take too long. Anything else you need or want me to do?"

Johanna shook her head. "Nothing I can think of. I'll call if I remember anything. Tell George I said hello," she said, closing a folder. She stood and walked to one of the six filing cabinets.

"Should I also tell your favorite deputy, Arlan, hello, too?" Frankie asked with a wry smile.

Johanna laughed. "I don't know how George puts up with him." She located the filing cabinet she sought and opened a drawer and deposited the file, then closed the drawer.

"Well being sheriff does give George the advantage." Frankie shrugged as she pushed a strand of brunette hair away from her brow. "He can put Arlan in his place and there's not a damned thing Arlan can do about it. I think that secretly George loves picking at him." She watched Johanna move back to her desk.

"Do you think Kate Allen will put Arlan in his place?" Johanna raised her eyebrows.

"She's only been working with him for a few months and it's obvious when we've seen them together that he's putting on the charm where she's concerned."

Frankie wrinkled her nose. "Yeah, I think she's smitten with him from the way she looks at him and hangs on every word he says. I like her, though, and I don't want to see her get hurt. I'd sure like to fill her in on the real Arlan Paton."

"She'll find out soon enough, I'm sure." She peered at Frankie as she swept a hand through her long auburn hair. "Do you think they're fucking?"

Frankie choked with laughter. "I don't know, but from the way she acts around him my guess would be probably. They'd just better not let George find out or they both might get canned."

"I don't think George would fire them. He'd probably just warn them to keep a low profile and look the other way himself." She paused. "Kate is likeable and isn't afraid of hard work. Every time I've been to the office she's working her ass off."

"She definitely isn't afraid to tell it like it is, either. She's all spitfire." 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Partners: The Wrong Corpse

Twelve years ago Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien became partners, then lovers, on the Philadelphia Police Force. After two years, the women were tired of city living. They quit the force and moved to Charlestown, Pennsylvania, where they built a log home and hung out their shingle as private investigators.

Frankie and Johanna take a case they feel will be a cinch to solve, before embarking on a much--needed vacation. But the case turns out to be much more than they bargained for!

Graham McHenry hires Frankie and Johanna to follow his beautiful, much younger wife Cassandra, whom he believes is having an affair. They find the information their client is seeking, but the next morning they learn the woman has been murdered. The time of death places Cassandra at a motel, at the same time they had been following her to her mansion. Now McHenry wants to know who killed his wife, and Frankie and Johanna are determined to find out who they were following!


Frankie ran her fingers through Johanna's long auburn hair. "I missed you so much," she whispered.

"These past two days with you have been heaven." She planted a quick kiss on Frankie's cheek before sliding off of the bed. "I love lying in bed all day with you, but we've got to pay the bills. I'm going to grab a shower."

Frankie waited until she heard the water come on in the shower, then got out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. She pulled back the end of the shower curtain, stepped inside, put her arms around Johanna, and kissed the back of her neck. "I'll wash your back," she murmured.

Frankie lathered some soap in her hands and slowly massaged it across Johanna's slender, but firm shoulders, then down her strong back. When she reached Johanna's ass, she took her time running her hands over the perfectly rounded cheeks and then ran a fingertip in the crack. Johanna's sharp intake of breath aroused her.

"Don't start something you don't intend to finish," she warned in a throaty voice.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Three Of Us

New Release!

When Deborah’s daughter Caroline brings her fiancĂ© Lily home to meet her, Deborah is shocked to discover that Lily is a woman from her past…a past she’d rather forget. Will Deborah’s long ago actions destroy the close loving relationship she’s always shared with her daughter?


Deborah’s eyes traveled to Lily. Lily, dressed in casual kaki slacks and a red turtleneck, had set the last suitcase on the driveway and then slowly closed the trunk of the car. As Deborah watched Lily pick up the suitcases and begin to walk toward Caroline, Deborah got her first full view of her. It can’t be! she thought. As Lily moved closer, Deborah’s eyes met the woman’s eyes. Lily showed no emotion or recognition. Deborah froze, and then visibly trembled.

"Are you all right, Mom?" Caroline asked, worriedly taking Deborah’s arm and steadying her. "You’re trembling." She stared curiously at her. "You’re so pale. What’s wrong? Have you been ill? Are you keeping some health problem from me, Mom?"

"No…no, I’m fine, Caroline." she said quickly as she struggled to regain her composure.



Sunday, January 12, 2014

Partners: Winds Of Fire

The fifth book in my Partners Series: Winds Of Fire is almost completed. It should be finished in a couple of more weeks.

When an arsonist strikes Charlestown, Private Investigators Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien discover some uncanny similarities to a case they've just begun investigating. As the fire investigation team unravels their own clues, everyone is suspect…including Frankie and Johanna.