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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday's New Excerpt – Destiny

Rachel noticed Angela's demeanor as her friend sat rigid with her lips tightly pursed in disgust. "Okay, level with me, Angela. What is it with you two?"

Angela's eyes flashed angrily. "She's bad news. She enjoys chewing people up and spitting them out. She's a user and she's dangerous. No one's feelings, but her own are of any importance to her," she bitterly replied.

Rachel's eyes clouded. "Did she do something to hurt you?"

Angela looked down at her folded hands and seemed to be concentrating on the simple ring she wore on the pinkie finger of her right hand. Finally, she raised her eyes to Rachel's. "Yes. She almost destroyed my life."

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday's New Excerpt – Partners: Beyond The Shadows

"The name does sound vaguely familiar, but I don't remember him." She tensed. "Why would I? I was just a little kid when he went to prison." Her eyes narrowed as she looked again at George. "What's going on? Level with me, George, what are you not telling me? If I'm somehow connected to this piece of garbage, I have a right to know." She thought her chest would explode as the adrenalin gushed through her body making her movements jerky. She hoped to God she wasn't related to this monster. Could he be some relative her parents had disowned and never wanted her to know about? From what she read in his record she certainly wouldn't have blamed them if that was what had happened.

The sheriff shifted his heavy body and then rubbed his stubbly jaw thoughtfully before exhaling loudly. He kept his eyes level with hers. "Frankie, the reason I called you two in is because Carson Fellows was released from prison six months ago." His jaw tightened. "He's recently threatened to take care of those who put him in prison and now he's disappeared. His parole officer hasn't heard from him in weeks and he's left no paper trail."

Her eyes widened. The way George was looking at her, with so much sympathy in his eyes, caused her throat to constrict and her blood to run cold. What was he holding back? Why didn't he just come right out and tell her what the hell was going on? If she could manage to keep her own emotions in check, he'd tell her. He was gauging her reaction and preparing her for bad news. The more she looked into his eyes she finally saw something else there, too. Something he was trying hard to hide, but failing miserably at. Fear mixed with a good dose of sympathy. She'd never seen Sheriff George Ryker emit an emotion of fear before this moment. It made her uncomfortable. Why would George be afraid of an ex-con on the run? And what did that monster have to do with her?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday's New Excerpt – Partners: Blinded By The Trees

"You can speak freely in front of Mom, George. After what's she's witnessed tonight I don't think anything will shock her now."

George rubbed his tired eyes. "I ran a quick background check, but nothing turned up to verify anything the parents said about their son. I'm going to run a more in-depth check as soon as I get back to the office."

"What about the parents…anything on them?" Frankie asked.

"The Burrows' moved here about two months ago from Alabama. They've lived in four different states in the past five years."

Johanna frowned. "That's quite a lot of moving around the country. Is Burrows in the military?"

He shook his head as he picked his coffee cup back up. "No. I have a gut feeling about him. Something doesn't smell right."

"Where does he work?" Johanna asked as she sipped at her coffee.

"Clyde Burrows picks up odd jobs wherever he can find them. Now his background check brought up many arrests…mostly for shoplifting, theft and petty crimes, but he did serve time for a home invasion a few years ago in Arkansas. He claimed he didn't know the family was home, panicked, and pulled a gun on them. Through some legal loophole he was released early and moved his family to Alabama."

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday's New Excerpt – 2 In 1: Partners

"I take it you don't like him much," Johanna said.

Mayna lowered her eyes and looked at the pen in her hand, then quickly set the pen down. "No. I don't. He thinks women should fawn all over him the minute he enters the room. If they don't, well let's just suffice it to say that he loves a challenge. He's the master of seduction," she replied bitterly.

"How long did you date him?" Johanna asked, unexpectedly taking Mayna by surprise.

Frankie watched the color creep into Mayna's cheeks. She loved watching Johanna work. She had a knack for sizing someone up and then subtly asking an unanticipated question and gauging the immediate reaction of her unsuspecting interviewee.

Mayna's fingers became restless again and instead of picking the pen back up, she nervously fingered a pile of brochures stacked on the counter. A long tapered red fingernail looked like it would be pulled off if it got snagged in the pamphlets. "I got him the job here. What a mistake that turned out to be. We were together for almost two years and he led me to believe we were heading to something permanent." She raised her eyes slowly.

Frankie noticed the tears peeking out behind Mayna's eyelids. "It's none of our business about the details of your relationship with Bunson. We're here to talk about Cassandra McHenry."

Mayna cleared her throat. "She's the reason we broke up."

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday's New Excerpt – Partners: The Other Woman

Johanna's complexion paled when she saw the woman. She looked anxiously at her mother.

Gracelyn sat stony faced as she met Johanna's eyes. "Johanna, I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about."

"You two know each other?" Frankie's eyes clouded as she wondered what the connection was between Johanna and the blonde. Johanna looked deeply distressed and her eyes flashed angrily as she made her way over to where Frankie still stood in the doorway. She slipped her arm through Frankie's.

Johanna cleared her throat. "Frankie, this is Gretchen Wyler. We knew each other years ago in California."

"Now, Jo, we were much more than just friends," Gretchen cooed as her eyes swept appreciatively over Johanna then settled on Frankie. "We've already met. I thought you were Jo's secretary," she said, annoyed. "You didn't tell me differently."

"I had no reason to," Frankie replied smugly. "Now what are you doing at my home this time of night?"

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