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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love Unleashed

A near tragedy forces a woman to realize what's really important.

A woman fears that her much younger partner will leave her for a younger woman.

A Touch
After a vicious disfiguring attack, will a young woman dare to come out of the shadows?

The Warden
Who will be the warden's next 'chosen one'?

Excerpt From A Touch

Her penetrating eyes unnerved Ana. She wanted to break the gaze, but felt mesmerized by those big blue eyes. Her thoughts took her to places she had no right to roam as she again imagined her lips on Kelsey's full ones. She ached to run her fingers through Kelsey's hair to touch her soft skin and to feel that smooth flesh against her own. "What makes you presume I'm lonely?" Her face reddened. "There's a difference between being lonely and wanting to be alone," she said firmly. 

"Yes, there is, but I think that you and I fit in the category of being lonely." She continued to peer at her. "I know that I don't like being lonely and I doubt that you do either." She tapped her fingertips on her leg. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. You are lonely, aren't you, Ana?"

Ana looked at the long slender fingers on Kelsey's small delicate hand. She yearned to hold her hand to feel the softness of it against her cheek. She couldn't let Kelsey know her true feelings, how she dreaded leaving her bed each morning, how sometimes she wished never to awaken to another long day. The weekdays weren't so bad, but the weekends were almost unbearable. Could she tell her how often she cried herself to sleep? No, she couldn't tell her any of those things. "Do you always make assumptions of someone you barely know?" she asked hoarsely. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Second Time Around

Kassie McAlister has it all. She's a bestselling romance author and can have any woman she wants. Kassie has never been one for commitment and enjoys her life just the way it is. The only barrier to total bliss is book reviewer, Shondra Williams, who seems to have a personal vendetta against her.

When Kassie decides to spend a couple of weeks in Florida, the last person she ever expects to run into is Shondra. Kassie fantasizes that the perfect revenge is to seduce the woman, then leave her out in the cold. When Shondra shows her a softer vulnerable side, she wonders if she can go through with it, especially after Shondra shares a secret with her that forces Kassie to look deep within herself.


Shondra wished Kassie wouldn't stare so intently at her. She wanted to despise her, but she couldn't. After all, Kassie had done nothing to her that she hadn't asked her to do.

Maybe her anger was misdirected. She should place her anger where it belonged...at her own feet. She had to come to terms with the truth. Kassie had captured her heart in the blink of an eye and it scared the hell out of her. She'd always been strong and in control of her emotions, but Kassie made her feel like a bumbling lovesick teenager. Her heart was breaking because she couldn't have the one woman who made her feel alive. Why would Kassie want her anyway? Kassie could have her pick of women. She had a charm that didn't even take any effort on her part to make a woman succumb to her. Shondra wondered if Kassie was even aware of that fact. She swallowed hard. She had to come clean and tell her everything.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Release - Heart's Desire!

I'm thrilled to announce my latest release Heart's Desire published by Extasy Books.

A romantic weekend getaway to a secluded cabin in the woods has unexpected results when everything that can go wrong does.  



Emma gave Vanessa’s arm another squeeze. "Good, because this is definitely total isolation. No one will disturb us." She shivered. "Let’s get inside now and light a fire." She unlocked the door and pushed it open. "Wait a second. Let me find the light switch." She felt around the wall and when her hand encountered it, she flicked it on. It was a low watt bulb, but cast a soft glow over the room. She frowned. It was a clean cabin, but very crude with sparse furnishings. She steeled herself for Vanessa’s reaction as she held the door wide for Vanessa to pass through. No matter what Vanessa said to assure her that she was excited to be staying in a cabin for the weekend, the true test would be Vanessa’s reaction when she actually saw where she’d be living for a couple of days. "Here we are."

"It’s one big room. How cute!" Vanessa exclaimed as her eyes scanned the interior. She walked to a door on the side of the room and pulled it open.

The glow from the bare light bulb hanging in the center of the main room gave enough light for Emma to see that the bathroom light had another bare light bulb with a string attached, but no wall switch to activate it. She walked to the bathroom and watched as Vanessa pulled the string. In the dim glow of the bulb, Emma saw a tiny stall for showering, a small sink, and a toilet. A plain mirror hung above the sink with a crude wooden shelf under it to hold toiletries.

"This is better than some of the cabins I’ve been in. At least this one has electricity and running water," Emma said in an upbeat tone. She was certain that the bathroom would definitely be a turnoff for Vanessa.

"It’s fine, honey," Vanessa said. "I really like it." She lifted a suggestive eyebrow as she turned to Emma. "Just think, we can lie in bed and watch the fire. It’s going to be so romantic."

Emma was surprised at Vanessa’s upbeat reaction. She pulled at her chin. "Still, I was hoping for something just a little nicer with a few more amenities since this is your first time camping." She looked at the makeshift furnishings. Everything looked handmade. "Mr. Parker said he used to bring his sons here for hunting trips when they were younger, but since they’ve grown and moved away, he rarely comes up here."

Vanessa threw her arms around Emma’s neck. "I love it, honey. Please quit apologizing. You promised."

"Are you sure? You’re not just saying that for my sake?" Emma asked anxiously. "Because I would understand if you want to go back home."

Vanessa shook her head back and forth. Her eyes darkened. "I want to stay, Em. I’m excited about this adventure. However, if you don’t stop apologizing and being so negative, I won’t enjoy myself. If you’re going to act this way all weekend, then no, I won’t want to stay. I’m trying to show you that I want to be a part of all those things you used to love to do, but haven’t been able to do in a long time. I might not enjoy everything you like, but I do like being out here. I’ve never felt so peaceful," Vanessa replied. "I want to share this with you."

"I’m sorry. I just—"

"Want everything to be perfect for me because that’s what you think I expect," Vanessa finished for her. "Well, it’s not. I’ve never been able just to let go and not be under a microscope. This is the first time in my life no one is around to judge me. Please, let me enjoy this, honey." Her eyes softened. "Now, let’s get the car unloaded." She tilted her head in the direction of the large bed. "Then I know how I’d like to begin our weekend," she added with a wicked grin.