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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday's New Excerpt – Best Friends

Still, as hard as she tried, there was no changing the fact that she was different. So she locked her true feelings deep within her heart and even with her closest friends around her, she was lonely—terribly lonely—and that loneliness only added to her restlessness. She longed to unburden her heart to someone, but there was no one she trusted to understand so her secrets remained buried within her until hopefully the day would come when she'd find that special someone who possessed the same screwed-up feelings that she did. 

Only then would Callie begin to understand herself and find the joy she was sure waited for her somewhere in this big lonely world, but she doubted that special someone existed in Littledale.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday's New Excerpt – The Other Side

Clare Christian scanned the newspaper. "Where are you, Ally?" She wondered why Ally hadn't called her. They'd often gone for a few weeks without seeing one another, but they'd always kept in touch by phone. She debated calling Ally's private number. What reason would she give for calling if Michael answered? If she didn't hear from Ally soon she would make the call. She loved being Ally's confidant as well as her lover. 

In the beginning, she'd wanted so much more out of their relationship and at times had even thought about ending it, but she knew deep within her heart that Ally was destined to remain a part of her life. She'd settled into her own life, living for the moments Ally could come to her and they would make passionate love and then she would tenderly hold Ally as Ally shared her fears and hopes with her.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday's New Excerpt – The Silent Cry

J.C. nodded as Samantha's hand brushed her own causing it to tremble even more. "Thanks, Sam. I owe you one the next time you're at Harry's." She gulped at the drink, feeling its healing warmth quickly spreading through her and calming her wobbly insides.

"You don't owe me anything. What's going on with you tonight? What's really wrong?"

She shook her head slowly back and forth. "Sam, how can I tell you when I don't even know myself?" She took another swallow of her drink. "I just have this terrible emptiness inside. I can't stand being away from you," she whispered in a cracked voice. "Why can't we be together again?"

Her eyes pleaded with Samantha's. "It would be different this time. I promise. I'm losing my mind being away from you. I'll change, but just give me some time."

"You're losing your mind because it's saturated with alcohol. You're incapable of feeling anything except the fear of where your next drink is coming from."

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Partners: Winds Of Fire

Coming October 2, 2015
Torrid Books

Saturday's New Excerpt – Zinna

A warm sensation crept through Zinna's chest, then down to her genitals. She'd had this heated sensation before, and when the feelings became too intense, and she thought she would lose her mind, she would gently move her hand to her vagina and relieve her yearning. She should pull her hand away from Megan's, but she couldn't. A powerful urge much stronger than her usual sensibility overtook her mind. Her emotions were raw and on edge. She needed to know. Why had Megan tormented her with all these questions? What did Megan really want from her? What did she really want from Megan?

She was terrified of what lay ahead tonight, but she had to take the risk. She leaned in closer. She felt Megan's sweet breath near her mouth. A tremor went through Megan's hand, or was it her own, or both? It felt like an electric current was surging through her veins. In a moment, she would totally suffocate.