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Welcome to my blog! I write sensual/erotic lesbian romances. I also dabble in poetry and have recently begun writing screenplays. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Necklace

When unexplainable events occur while wearing a necklace that once belonged to her late grandmother, a woman wonders if the necklace holds the key to her destiny.


Lara observed Skye during dinner. Something was bothering her and Lara wouldn't rest until she pried it out of her. Maybe she was upset with Lara's impending move. She'd miss having her around, but she loved Ian and was looking forward to moving in with him. She and Skye both had known that the day would come when one of them would find her knight in shining armor and move out of the apartment they'd shared since graduating high school six years ago. They'd both attended community college while working part time. She hoped in time that Ian and Skye would get along since they were the two people she loved most in this world.

She put her hand around the necklace. A warm sensation crept through her chest. It might have alarmed her if it had been an unpleasant feeling, but it wasn't. The sensation was soothing. She looked at Skye's face, seeing her in a way she never had before. Her face was soft, beautiful, with dark brown almond shaped eyes and wavy chestnut brown hair, which hung delicately around her face. She was petite, slender and very feminine. Lara couldn't understand Skye's problems with the opposite sex, but then Skye had never seemed to believe that she needed a man to make her feel complete. Lara envied her that. Not that she thought she needed a man to complete her, but admittedly knew that she needed someone to lean on. She never had been as independent as Skye.

"Why don't we go to Flanagan's after the movie? Make a night of it."

"I'd like that," Skye replied as her eyes locked with the emerald.

Lara glanced around the room, then turned her attention back to Skye. "I've been getting a lot of strange looks all evening."

"It's the necklace...it's so beautiful! I've never seen anything like it before."

"Me either." She touched it again, but this time felt a jolt as she looked at Skye. The warm sensation that had only been in her chest, now crept from her fingertips and spread throughout her whole body. Her cheeks grew warm.

"What's wrong, Lara? Are you ill?"

"No...let's go."

Skye's eyes narrowed as she gazed at the radiant emerald. "What are you feeling?"

Beads of perspiration popped out on Lara's forehead. "It's a beautiful warm sensation. It's beyond description." She gazed at Skye's stunning face and then flushed and turned away. "Let's just go home...unless you want to go to a movie and Flanagan's."

Skye shook her head. "Going out was your idea, remember?"

Lara numbly nodded as she wondered how to keep the feelings surging through her under control. "I'll make it up to you." 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Out Of Control

Alex is in a loveless relationship with Chelsea, but feels responsible for her. Then she meets Molly, a woman who immediately captures her heart. As things heat up between them, Alex sets out to remove Chelsea from her home before Molly finds out that they're still living together.


"I'm not sorry, Alex," Molly quietly replied, her gaze boring into Alex's. Her lips came closer and lingered briefly before hungrily seeking Alex's.

When she forced her tongue inside Alex's mouth, Alex knew she should stop her before the situation got out of control, but as her tongue joined Molly's, she realized that it was too late. All of her pent up emotions poured out and she found herself wanting Molly as much as Molly wanted her. Her arms went around Molly and she held her tightly, never wanting to let her go.

Molly's hands massaged her back and slowly slipped under her shirt. Alex trembled at her touch as a warm heat, starting at her toes, spread throughout her body. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. She carefully unbuttoned Molly's blouse. Her hands eagerly sought Molly's firm breasts, fondling them as Molly broke the kiss and planted soft kisses on her neck. Molly had aroused her to the point of no return.

"Let's go to your bed," she hoarsely whispered.

Molly took her hand and silently led her down the hallway, into her darkened bedroom and to the king-sized bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and took both of Alex's hands in hers. The moonlight shining through the window cast a soft glow on her face. Alex knelt before her, kissed her hands and then disengaged her own. She drew Molly close as her mouth traveled over Molly's lilac scented flesh. She lingered at the waistband of Molly's jeans and slowly unbuttoned them.