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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday's Excerpt – Sweet Surrender

"For the last time, I don’t care," she said, exasperated. "Class is going to start." She saw Jordan reenter the room. "Let’s get into position. Remember we’re breaking into groups of three tonight so I will be working with you two." The truth was that she did care. To try to stop Jordan Hunter from invading her thoughts, she’d kept herself so busy all week that she literally fell into bed each night exhausted. She knew eventually she’d have to get Jordan Hunter into bed to get it out of her system. That was the only way she could exorcise her from her thoughts. But the problem was if Jordan was involved with someone Sawyer would never come between them. She’d just have to play it by ear. If Jordan made a direct pass, she’d take her up on it. After their one night of raw uninhibited sex was over, she could move on and put this ridiculousness behind her. The worst-case scenario was that Jordan would want more than a one-night stand. Commitment was not in Sawyer’s vocabulary.

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