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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday's Excerpt – Katra

Katra wasn’t interested in the surprise. She wanted her question answered, but before she could say another word, the screen was filled with the image of Lily slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Katra swallowed hard. The unanswered question could wait for now. Her eyes stayed glued to the screen. She’d had phone sex before, but never on a video chat. This was new and could prove to be very interesting. Her eyes stayed focused on Lily’s fingers as they sensuously undid the buttons on her silky blouse. Katra suddenly realized that the shadows had faded from Lily’s chest, but were still hiding her face. Her pulse quickened.

Lily took her time removing the blouse, enticing Katra. When Lily finally slid it over her firm shoulders, her perky medium sized breasts filled the screen. "Do you like these?" she asked seductively as she slowly massaged them.

Katra licked her lips. "Yes," she whispered hoarsely, overcome with desire as she watched Lily’s large nipples harden. Katra longed to be touching them, bringing them into her mouth. Her throat dried out as she continued to watch. She grew wet and a slow burn forced her to shift her position in her chair. She swallowed hard again as her heart pounded against her chest.

"Would you like to touch them, Katra?" Lily asked in a voice that the app made sound slightly throaty and desirable.

Sweat formed on Katra’s brow. "Yes," she said hoarsely. "Tell me who you are. I don’t want to wait."

"Soon... very soon. I’ll have more for you tomorrow night. I’ll be here at nine."

Before Katra could respond, Lily was gone. 

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